Choir fund raising and choral group fundraising does not mean you need to find a music themed fundraiser. If your choir group, choral group or singing group needs money for travel, sheet music, equipment, uniforms or teaching expenses, there are plenty of choir fund raising ideas available to you.

Choirs Need High Profits

Most choirs would like to make the highest possible profit. To determine what is the best choir fundraiser you should first choose between direct sale items and brochure fundraisers. The primary difference between the two is simple. In brochure choir fund raising, you use order forms to pre sell selected items to supporters. You collect your money in advance during the fundraiser period. At the end of the sale, the order forms are collected, tallied together and the group places a bulk order with your choir fundraising company.

Usually two weeks later the company will send your bulk order and choir members deliver the product to the customers who have previously paid you. The top brochure fundraising ideas for choirs are gift catalogs, cookie dough and candles.

Direct sales eliminate the after the sale delivery problem. Typically the choir will purchase an item to sell at a profit. The choir members are given a supply of products to sell. When some one pays for the product the choir member hands the product directly to the customer. The best known direct sale fundraising items include candy, lollipops and pizza cards.

A typical church choir fundraiser might be a candle sale that is geared to faith based groups or even a bake sale at the church.

Here are some basic questions to ask a choir fund raising company before starting your fundraiser:

? Do I need to pay anything in advance? ? Do I get charged for shipping? ? What has been most successful for choirs in my area? ? What is the lead time for products I order? ? What type of payment do you accept?

Once you have these questions answered you can choose the right choir fund raising idea for your group!