Choirs can be part of a church, associated with a school, or even independently operated, but regardless, they all share one thing - the need for income. Running a choir is not free, and even if your choir does not wear robes or uniforms, there's still the costs of performing to consider, such as sheet music, travel, venue fees, or even competition entrance fees.

Unless that money is magically going to come from nowhere, you're going to need some great choir fundraising ideas to help you do everything you want to do. Independent choirs often charge monthly or yearly dues, which can cover a lot of costs, but rarely is it enough if the choir wants to do any significant performing.

If your choir is going on tour or competing regularly, you'll want to think of some great fundraising ideas to help offset those costs. Candy fundraisers can be a fantastic idea, or if you have a small group, something like scratch cards can really help boost profits.

Church choirs often receive help from the church itself, but choir fundraising ideas can provide extra cash when the choir needs it most. New robes, new hymnals, and sheet music can all be purchased with the right fundraising idea. If you do something like the Parade of Magazines fundraiser, not only can you make a lot of money, but you can help people get fantastic discounts on all their favorite magazines.

School choirs need a greater amount of funds every single year, as competing and performing become increasingly expensive. Many competitions require overnight travel, and hotel rooms for an entire choir can get pricey quickly. Choir fundraiser ideas for large groups include things like pretzels, which work great for sizeable high school choirs, and can really help them reach their goals in record time. If your choir isn't so big, then pizza cards or retail discount cards may be the way to go.