Swim team fundraisers can be done in a variety of ways. You don't always have to do the same thing every time. You may have been involved in previous fundraisers where the kids took brochures home and around the neighborhood, selling their wares to all kinds of people from all walks of life.

That works great if you're doing a swim fundraiser in the general community, but if you're planning on hosting your fundraiser within the school, with students as the supporters, then you'll need to think of a swim team fundraiser that will appeal to young people.

The first thing that everyone always thinks of for a school-based swim team fundraiser is chocolate bars. This is a fundraiser that gets done a million times every year, but there is a reason that people choose chocolate fundraisers so often. Chocolate is never out of fashion, people never get tired of it, and kids in particular go nuts over it. So if you're looking for a swim team fundraiser that will be very likely to get you high sales figures, chocolate can certainly be the way to go. You must, of course, get permission from the school if you want to sell candy on campus.

If you still want to try a brochure-based swim team fundraiser, but want to keep the appeal focused on what kids like, cookie dough fundraising is a good thing to try, because it's something the entire family will love. This also works well if some of your fundraising team are eager to get out and raise money outside the school.

A swim team fundraiser like this keeps your options open. If you look through our swim team fundraiser pages, you'll soon get the idea of all the different things that are available to you. Call your fundraising consultant if you need any additional advice.