The most important tool in fundraising is to choose the right fundraiser. While you and your group look over all of your options there are a few things to keep in mind before deciding which fundraiser will bring the most success.

First, make sure that your fundraiser not only compliments the experience of the seller, but also the buyer. It's great if you and your students love flowers, but if you live in an area where most residents live in apartments, flowers may not be the right fundraiser for you. Consider the environment of the customers you are selling to, as well as the income, and the possibility of their actual purchase. Another key thing to remember when fundraising, is to go with the seasons.

One of the key components of choosing the right fundraiser for your customers, is also deciding when you will be selling. Prior to holiday seasons many customers are likely to buy gifts and goodies for their loved ones. You may choose a seasonal fundraiser, or something generic, like cookie dough - promoting that your customers maked baked goods to give as gifts. But before you choose, check with your fundraising consultant so that you are aware of any upcoming deadlines and dates to keep in mind.

The last thing to keep in mind when you are choosing a fundraiser is what your group is capable of selling. If you are working with young children it is best to keep the pricing simple. If you can find a fundraiser where each item is the same price it will be much easier for your kids to communicate their goal.

Try to choose a fundraiser that your group is excited about selling - something they would buy themselves. If they can promote the quality of the product they are more likely to convince someone of buying it as well. Any enthusiastic seller will be successful!