A football team fundraiser is pretty much a normal part of the season for teams of any size or age. Teams all across the country take advantage of fundraising ideas in order to get the money together to provide for things that aren't allowed for in the school budget. A football fundraiser can really help keep your team running smoothly, and in this economic climate the sort of help that a football team fundraiser provides is essential. Choosing a good football team fundraiser is the key, of course, and we're here to help you do just that.

Of course, you already know what kind of football team fundraiser the team will want to do - chocolate is the obvious choice as far as they're concerned. Chocolate football team fundraisers are one of the classic choices, but don't be tricked into thinking that this is an old or tired football team fundraiser that won't work anymore. In fact, the whole point of chocolate football team fundraisers still being around is that they continue to perform consistently well, even today. Chocolate works particularly well if you have kids selling to other kids, and if you can get permission for them to sell on school grounds, the sky is the limit as far as profits are concerned.

For a football team fundraiser with a wider range of potential customers, you might want to go for something like the Go Green catalogue fundraiser. This pre-sell football team fundraiser does not require any investment on your part, and the catalogue has a lot of wonderful products that are all great for the environment. This is a very popular football team fundraiser for those who are planning on canvassing the wider community instead of just staying on campus.

For other football team fundraiser ideas, have a look at our site, and get ready to be inspired.