Lacrosse has always been the underdog of sports, but in recent years it has been gaining more and more popularity.

It's great to encourage students who want to take up lacrosse as a sport, as it's a great way to keep fit, and helps foster the spirit of teamwork within the context of friendly competition. However, having a player on the lacrosse team can be an expensive venture. There's a breathtaking amount of equipment, safety gear, and clothing that lacrosse players need, and it all has to be replaced or upgraded on a fairly regular basis.

In addition, if your team travels for tournaments or away games, there are those expenses to consider, also. It's easy to see how a lacrosse fundraiser quickly becomes an essential part of your pre-season preparations.

Choosing a good idea for your lacrosse fundraiser is not a random process. While you can just go and pick any idea you want, it's not always the best idea if you want to have the most fundraising success you can. You want to choose something that is well suited for your team, and that will get everybody excited about the fundraiser.

Even if your team is not large, athletes are competitive and driven individuals, and you can use their enthusiasm to help propel your lacrosse fundraiser forward.

Discount fundraising cards are a fantastic way to set up a lacrosse fundraiser that will gain momentum year after year, and make great profits for your team. You choose local retailers to sign up for the program, and we print your cards off for you. Your supporters get a fantastic deal at their favorite retail stores, the retailers get new business, and your lacrosse team keeps the profits. People look forward to getting their new card year after year, so this is a lacrosse fundraiser that really keeps the fundraising spirit going.