If your hockey team is preparing for a tournament, trying to replace old equipment, or even just getting ready for the costs of starting the season up again, one of the most difficult things to deal with can be the financial burden.

Hockey is one of the most expensive sports there is - even if you only consider safety gear, skates, and uniforms, that's already quite a bit of money each player has to come up with.

Rather than putting this burden on the individual players, many teams opt instead for hosting a hockey team fundraiser in order to get everything that is needed. The best way to run a hockey fundraiser is to choose something that is fun and that will not be too difficult to implement. A lot of hockey teams like to go with something like scratch cards, as a scratch card fundraiser is easy to do and high on profit.

Literally the only thing you have to worry about is ordering the cards, and then the rest is just focusing on making money. The concept behind scratch cards is so simple, too: you just take the cards around to your supporters, have each supporter scratch off two covered dots on the card (there are fifty dots in total), and they uncover a suggested donation amount.

Depending on the amount they uncover or how generous they're feeling, many people will even round up their donation.

Scratch cards are great as a hockey team fundraiser because they really maximize profits for small groups who need to reach their goals in a short time. With profits that go up to 90%, you can see how this fundraiser could help you and your team out. For other great ideas, check out our hockey fundraising pages for some suggestions and advice on the best way to get your fundraising activity started.