A swimming fundraiser is a very rewarding and enlightening experience, and in some ways can be a lot easier to manage than other fundraisers.

The special thing about swimmers is that they are highly focused and dedicated athletes, and because their sport has elements of both teamwork and individual ambition, swimming tends to attract athletes who enjoy excelling on their own as well as working with a group to reach a common goal.

This means that when you organize a swimming fundraiser, you can expect your fundraising team to be very high-energy and motivated about what they are doing. Since any salesman can tell you that attitude is 90% of sales, this bodes very well for your swimming fundraiser.

If you have a large swimming team, or have a fundraising team that is comprised of more than just the swimmers, you can think big and maybe go with one of our pre-sale fundraisers. Pre-sale fundraisers are beneficial because no money is required up front, and we send you all the brochures and order forms you need to get started. Some pre-sale fundraisers do have minimum order requirements and shipping costs, which is what makes them better for larger swimming fundraiser groups that have more selling power.

If you are not sure about the complications of doing a pre-sale fundraiser, you can have a look at our direct sales swimming fundraiser ideas. There are a lot of options for these kinds of fundraisers, and although you will need to purchase the products upfront, the benefit is that there is no shipping to worry about later, no orders to take, and no money to have to separate.

Once you get your products, you keep all the profit, which is exactly why these are great swimming fundraiser ideas for teams that want to keep it simple.