When it comes down to it, playing sports is all about teamwork. You have to work together to reach a common goal. Fundraising works the same way. It takes everyone, working together as a team, to raise the money you need for various things ? uniforms, equipment, travel expenses, etc.

Just like the members, a team fundraiser can come in all shapes and sizes. The type of fundraiser you choose should be determined by the size and abilities of your members. Use the following suggestions to help your team find a fundraiser that works:

Large Teams ? A team with many members is very lucky. You can choose almost any type of sports team fundraiser , and execute it successfully. A direct-sale fundraiser, like coffee backpacks or lollipops are easy to coordinate and get started ? which is definitely something to consider if you?re in charge of coordinating several people.

Small Teams- When your numbers are small you can still benefit from a fundraiser. The scratch card fundraiser is terrific for small groups. Each person in the group raises $100 when the card is completed. Pizza and Sandwich Shop cards are also a good way to raise lots of money, with just a few people.

Teams with no funds ? If your team has little to no start-up money take a look at brochure fundraisers. The materials are sent to you FREE of charge, and you start earning your profits right away. Find a product that will work for your area, and contact your fundraising consultant with any questions you might have. Be careful to checkout any shipping or minimum requirements before starting.

Teams with start-up money ? If you team can afford it, one of the best sports team fundraiser ideas is to have a candy sale. Hershey?s $2 Bars offer an amazing profit return for the amount you pay, and it is name brand candy that your supporters will love. Decide how many carriers each team member is responsible for, and call a fundraising consultant, or go online to place your order.

No matter the size or status of your group, your sports team fundraiser is sure to be a success when you find the right fundraiser!