At Easy Fundraising Ideas, we feel like a Christian fundraising program should not only help your religious group raise money but should also be glorifying to God. We have a number of Christian fundraising ideas that meet those criteria that we think you will really like.

The first Christian fundraiser that we recommend for many church groups is the Journey to Faith Candle fundraiser. This is a fantastic Christian fundraising program that has your group selling candles with scriptures on them. Not only do you get to promote the Christian message, but your group earns a whopping 50% profit on every candle sold.

Another Christian fundraiser that is very popular is the Go Green fundraiser. God clearly calls use to be stewards for His creation. This fundraising program has you sell items that are good for you and good for the planet and that makes God smile.

One other really popular fundraising program for Christians is the Church scratch card fundraiser. You can earn up to 90% profit with this program. The church scratch card fundraising program has a minimum order of only one card which makes it great for small churches or small groups at really big churches. It is the most popular mission trip fundraiser by a long shot.

If you need help choosing a fundraiser or just have questions that you need answers to, do not hesitate to call one of our church fundraising specialists at 866-874-8383.