Christian Schools provide a fantastic opportunity for parents and students alike. Because they are exclusively private, Christian Schools can offer a more tailored and broad education than their public school counterparts but they also have the wonderful opportunity to mix religion with education. For many Christian Schools though, there is a heavy burden on the parents and the church to help fund all of the schools activities and that can be a bit overwhelming at times. For that reason, it is very common for the students to participate in a Christian School fundraiser.

While there are obviously a lot of fundraising programs you can choose for your Christian school fundraising idea, we feel like we have some that work especially well for Christian students. We have a fundraising program that focuses on helping the earth and being stewards of Gods creation. We also have a candle fundraising program that features inspirational bible quotes to keep the Lord on your mind all the time.

Whichever fundraiser your Christian school chooses to participate in, it is important to do 2 things. The first is to have a plan for your fundraiser. To help you accomplish that, we have a helpful staff of fundraising experts that answer all of your questions and help you get started on your fundraiser. And what is the other key to a successful Christian school fundraiser? Prayer. Plain and simple.