Are you trying to purchase a new projection screen for the sanctuary? Fund some scholarships for children's camp? Help pay for a new coat of paint in the classrooms? Have you ever done church fundraising before? If you have big goals and little experience then you are in the right place. Church fundraisers can be both rewarding and easy if you take the right steps to accomplishing your goals.

The first step to having a successful church fund raiser is to determine how many people will be selling, and what you are going to sell. The amount of people that are participating in the fundraiser will probably play a large factor into what items you sell. For small groups, choose a fundraiser with high profits, like scratch cards or Money Savings Cards. Large groups do well with fundraisers that require a minimum order or shipping fee, like cookie dough or candles.

The next step is getting your materials. This step is the easiest. Simply call your fundraising consultant and let them know what you need. They can answer any further questions that your group may have about your fundraiser. Talk to them about any requirements or deadlines for the fundraiser and let them know where to send the materials.

The third and probably most important thing about church fundraising is advertising. Let everyone know what you are selling, why you are doing the fundraiser, and when the products will be available. If nobody knows what is happening, then no one will be able to help.

So if you are a rookie to church fund raising, fear not ? with the right steps it can be easy and successful!