If you've been trying to think of church fundraisers that work, it's likely that your top concern is how much profit you can make, and how quickly you can make it. There are many roads to the same destination, but if you're looking for some church fundraising ideas that work, here are some great choices.

Pizza cards are a great way to host church fundraisers that work, especially if you anticipate selling 1,000 cards or more. The way it works is that people pay $10 for each pizza card, which entitles them to buy one pizza and get a second one free. If you buy 1,000 cards or more, 90% of the card price goes directly to the church, which makes this really profitable among fundraisers that work. Even if you buy the cards in smaller quantities, however, you can still get a really high profit margin, no lower than 50%.

Scratch cards are very popular church fundraisers and they work especially well after services because the main idea behind them is a donation to the church that's kind of fun, too. All you do is get the parishioners (or even members of the wider community) to scratch off 2 of 50 covered dots on the card. Whatever amounts they uncover, that's the donation they'll make to the church. Scratch cards bring very high profits, and there's no complicated system of ordering or product distribution.

When you think of church fundraisers that work, you might not think of chocolate, but there's a reason so many churches and church groups still do the chocolate fundraiser after all these years: it performs really well. People love chocolate, there's just no way around it. And at only one dollar per bar, that definitely has to be included among church fundraisers that work. And shipping for the candy bar church fundraiser is absolutely free, so as far as church fundraising ideas that work go, this is a real winner.