Easy Fundraising Ideas is proud to be home to so many fantastic church fundraising ideas. We have programs that offer profits up to 93% and programs with 1 item minimum order levels both of which are designed to help your church raise as much money as possible as quickly as possible.

Because we have so many church fundraising ideas, it makes sense to do a little bit of planning before you begin searching for the right fundraiser for your group. The best place to start to pick you church fundraising program is with the church members. Find out what products that they would be interested in selling and, more importantly, what they would be interested in buying.

Knowing what people want to buy and sell can really help you narrow down your choices. We offer many traditional fundraising programs that your church may have done in the past like frozen cookie dough fundraisers and holiday item sales. But we also offer some fun new ideas like Scratch Card fundraisers and our Go Green fundraisers that offer fun and profitable twists on the old fashioned fundraisers.

Feel free to browse our site and find the best church fundraiser for your needs. For your convenience we offer a brochure that highlights our top fundraising programs and we have a staff of fundraising experts that are here to answer all of your questions and help you find the best church fundraiser for your church.