Is there any more clear sign of the work of God in this world than when a church is growing and needs to expand to a new building? What about when there is an overwhelming need to serve in the community and help the less fortunate or down trodden? And what about the spreading of God?s word around the country and indeed, around the world, through missions work done by church members? All of these are clear indications that God is working through your church and your community. As is often the case, paying for these types of things falls outside of the regular offering and collection and church fundraising programs must be found.

In a typical church, fundraising is done by a group dedicated to a specific cause. For example, some church fundraising ideas work great for big projects like a building fund or raising money to help stock a food pantry while other church fundraisers work better for things like going on a mission trip or buying new robes for the church choir.

Easy Fundraising Ideas has a number of terrific church fundraising ideas that you can pick from. We have church fundraisers that are great for small groups and church fundraisers that are great for really big groups, even for the whole church, to participate in. If you have any questions about our church fundraising ideas feel free to call one of our church fundraising experts at 866-874-8383.