Some fundraising companies want you to believe that you need the newest and most innovative fundraising ideas in order to have a successful fundraiser. Anyone who has recently done a classic fundraiser will tell you that this is simply not true. Some of the best fundraisers are the older ideas that are tried and tested - the ones that are still around because the products never go out of style.

A classic cookie fundraiser in particular just like a classic candy fundraiser or classic candle fundraiser can be a great way for your group to raise the money it needs, without having to worry about whether your product will have a market or not. After all, there are very few people out there who don't like freshly baked cookies, and with a classic cookie fundraiser, your team does not have to worry about a hard sell approach.

People ask why they should choose a classic cookie fundraiser over a newer or more unusual idea, or why the older ideas like cookie dough are still around. The answer is simple: cookie dough is still a popular idea because cookies never go out of style! You could sell cookies all year round and probably never run out of customers.

People make them for themselves and their families, to entertain friends, or even to give away as gifts. A cookie fundraiser is also a good way to focus the attention on your group. If you do something really out-there or unusual, people might remember that, rather than remembering who you are and what you're raising money for.

If your fundraising is going to be a yearly thing, as it is with so many groups, then you want your supporters to remember your group first and foremost. A cookie fundraiser is something you can do year after year, and people will associate your name with the cookies they look forward to every time.