We all know that if there's one thing that unites fraternities, it's the sense of tradition. These are institutions that have been around a long time, many generations in some cases, and there's a lot of pressure to keep the traditions strong.

But chapter management is fraught with expenses, and keeping your fraternity above water is not always easy. If you are looking for some great fraternity fundraising ideas, you can choose just about anything you want, but why not go with one of the more classic products that everyone knows? These are fundraisers that have been proven time and again to work well in a variety of situations, and you can certainly have a lot of luck with a classic fundraiser.

Chocolate bar fundraisers are probably one of the most traditional fraternity fundraising ideas out there. I bet you remember the $1 chocolate bars from back when you were fundraising in elementary school. The best thing is, those bars are still just $1, and at that price, even struggling college students can afford a few! Chocolate is one of the most popular fundraisers out there, and if you can sell the bars on campus, you can really make a good profit by having the chapter members carry boxes of chocolate around with them, especially around lunchtime.

Magazine fundraisers are another of our popular classic fraternity fundraising ideas, and work particularly well if you expect your supporters to consist of families or staff members. There's hardly a household in this country that doesn't have at least one magazine subscription, and with our Parade of Magazines offers of up to 70% off the cover price, you can hardly go wrong.

Check out our pages of fraternity fundraising ideas, and start learning about which fundraisers would work best for your chapter and its financial goals. There's certainly an appropriate fundraiser out there for whatever you have in mind.