JROTC is a tradition in our schools, and throughout the country. JROTC programs build character, and turn out well-rounded and disciplined individuals. It's also true that JROTC can help students build a career and plan for their adult lives after they graduate.

There are so many benefits to the program, it's hard to imagine our schools without it. Yet gaps in available funding have caused JROTC to suffer somewhat over the years.

JROTC fundraising is a great way to fill in those gaps, and to make sure that your school is not in any danger of having to shut the program down. A traditional program often does well with one of our classic JROTC fundraising ideas.

Chocolate bars are a perennial favorite, and as you're probably aware, chocolate never wanes in popularity. Do you remember the chocolate bar fundraisers from back when you were in school?

They're not much different now, and that's because fundraisers like these simply work well the way they are. There's no need to change a JROTC fundraising idea that works well year after year. If you've done a chocolate fundraiser before, then you already know how fast those bars get sold. There's no need to do something different just for the sake of it, if you already have something that works.

Some JROTC fundraising efforts combine a classic fundraiser with a newer one in order to test some more innovative ideas. You can order a batch of our scratch cards to help supplement your profits, for example.

Scratch card fundraisers are one of our highest profit fundraisers, and they're very simple to implement, as well. Students can carry the cards around with them while they're selling chocolate bars. So if you're looking for a double shot of power fundraising, combining scratch cards with another fundraiser can be a very fun and profitable idea for JROTC fundraising.