High schools don't have as easy a time as they once did, especially not in this economy. With budget cuts and the recession hitting hard, high school more than ever are turning to the power of fundraisers to help raise money for all kinds of essentials. If you are in charge of organizing a school-wide fundraiser for your high school, you're probably panicking at the size of the task ahead of you. Although there is a lot of organization involved and the road will by no means be easy, with some hard work and a good fundraising team you can come up with some great fundraising ideas for high schools that will help you reach your goals and beyond. A school carnival is one of the best ways you can take your high school fundraising ideas out into the community, using the facilities you already have and the people who are a part of your fundraising team. You can either host your carnival on the school campus, if you're fortunate enough to have a suitable area for it, or if there's a public park somewhere nearby, that might be even more appropriate. At the least, you'll need room for food and refreshment booths, crafts, games, and a place to stage a raffle. Raffles are great fundraising ideas for high schools to incorporate into a carnival. Get some local businesses to donate some great prizes in exchange for advertising, and keep the prices of the raffle tickets reasonable so that more people will by them. You as also get the students to submit original art works for an art sale, which could also take place at the carnival. Basically the point with these fundraising ideas for high school is to maximize the amount that people will spend while they're there, when you've got them all in one place.