If there is anything synonymous with fundraisers it would be club and youth groups fundraising.

Why Do Youth Groups and Clubs Need Fundraisers?

The simple fact of the matter is that many clubs and groups focused on youth are the most under-funded; therefore, they are the most financially needy of all groups. For many groups and clubs there is no other financial income other than fundraisers. Even though the expenses of these youth groups might not be as high as those incurred by hockey teams or traveling softball teams, all groups can benefit from profitable fundraising campaigns.

Do You Need New Ideas for Youth Group or Club Fund Raising?

Here are a couple of great suggestions:
Club and Youth Groups Fundraising Idea #1 - Domino's Pizza Fundraising Cards! Domino's Pizza cards are probably the best fundraising item to sell by youth groups or clubs in need of money. Your group simply sells these cards for $10 each. The buyer gets up to 20 free medium pizzas; each time they purchase a large one topping pizza, they get a free medium pizza! The great thing about these cards is the low minimum order and the high profits they produce. The cards can cost as little as $1 each, giving you 90% profit and you can purchase as few as 25 cards at a time. These cards are good at more than 2,800 stores nationwide.

Club and Youth Groups Fundraising Idea #2 - Scratch Off Cards! Scratch cards are a great way to raise a lot of money quickly with relatively little effort. You give each member of the club or youth group one card. They get people to scratch off 2 out of 50 dots on the cards and then ask for the revealed amount as a donation. In return, they give the donors a sheet of valuable coupons as a thank you gift. Each card raises $100 and costs as little as $10 each. The cards come with graphics that are specific to just about any group theme.