Coffee fundraisers are some times overlooked but they shouldn't be.

It has never been more popular and is a great option for any sized groups. Unlike other brochure or pre sell fundraisers coffee does not have an insurmountable minimum order requirement so even small groups can hold coffee sales.

Our suggested program offers a variety of coffee that has been freshly ground and packaged in vaccum sealed foil bags. The size of the bags varies but lately has been around 12 ounces of coffee. Prices also vary but can run from a low of $10 per bag retail to a high of $14.

Members of your fundraising group get colorful and descriptive brochures they use to sell the coffee with. They take orders for the different flavors. The better programs offer both decaf and regular along with some flavored coffee options. Many times people will purchase 3 or more different bags of coffee.

Your members collect payment when pre selling the coffee. They sell for approximately 2 weeks. At the end of the sale they turn everything in to the fundraising chairperson. That person tallies up the cash and the the different orders and prepares one bulk coffee order.

One thing that makes coffee fundraisers different from cookie dough is that you do not have to purchase full case quantities of each flavor. You purchase only what you have sold.

The chairperson pays for the coffee with the money collected and keeps your group's profits. That means you have the money you were trying to raise long before your actual coffee order arrives so you can start reaping the benefits of your fundraiser right away.

Coffee fundraisers work great any time of year but they are especially strong in the fall and winter months.