If you are in charge of Junior League Fundraising we would suggest you try a coffee fundraiser.

Coffee makes a lot of sense for groups that have fairly captive audiences and that have credibility within their audience. The odds are that members of the Junior League and their friends drink coffee or tea. It only makes sense to offer than a place to buy a superior product and at the same time support the Junior League.

Here's how it works:

The Junior League requests fundraising brochures for each member. The brochures are colorful and descriptive and include many different coffee flavors and tea options. They show the coffee order forms to everyone that come in contact with over a two week period.

When they see a friend or family they take the brochure and tell the people that the junior league has found a great brand of coffee and tea and would really appreciate it if the person would purchase a few different coffee flavors and some of their favorite teas. Be sure to ask the person to buy more than one item.

When the shopper chooses the items they would like the league member jots down their name and order information and collects payment. At the end of the two week Junior League Fundraiser all of the orders and payments are collected.

Get 2 or more people to tally all of the orders and cash so you can come up with one master order to place with the coffee fundraising company.

Since the Junior League collected its money while pre selling it can use that money to pay for its coffee order. Typically the fundraising coffee is delivered in a week to 10 days.

On delivery date each member takes the coffee and tea that they sold and delivers it to the customers. A smart Junior League will hold a coffee fundraiser every quarter or 4 times a year.

Make sure you let everyone know that you are holding that schedule. That way customers can plan to purchase enough coffee and tea to last 3 months and knows when they will be able to reorder.

Coffee fundraising is a perfect Junior League fundraiser.