College students are poor. Bottom line.

It?s not that they choose to be poor, college is just expensive. What little money you have left after paying for books, tuition and classes has to be saved and used toward really important things?.like midnight runs to Taco Bell. And once you join a sorority, or fraternity, you have even less money. There are dues, outings, mixers, and a new T-shirt for every event. And you can?t be the only one without the new T-shirt!

Many sororities have tried, and failed, at fundraisers. There are the old stand-bys ? car washes, bakes sales, date-auctions, etc.; but cold weather, lack of ovens in the dorm, and self-pride have thwarted many a well-intentioned sorority fundraiser.
Don?t give up! There are so many other options!

Be smart when you choose your next college fundraiser. Consider who will be selling, and who will be buying. If your main target is college students, the product should be affordable and effective. It?s also necessary to think of the timing of your fundraiser. Selling frozen cookie dough that will arrive around finals is a sure-fire success! Selling candles to relatives at Thanksgiving is perfect since you can turn around and deliver them for Christmas. You should also make sure that the items you sell do not need special care while you wait for the next vacation time to deliver to the people at home who placed orders.

So be smart for your next college fundraising program! Flowers, cookie dough, candles, coffee, pizza cards ? the opportunities are endless?and have faith - the refills at Taco Bell are fee!