If you are a member of a college baseball team, a booster club supporting a college baseball team or just need to raise money for a college baseball team, we would strongly suggest you consider one of two fundraising ideas.

The best idea for raising a lot of money quickly without spending a lot of money is using baseball scratch cards. Each fundraising scratch card raises $100 when all the 50 concealed dots on the card are scratched off. The way the program works is simple. It works like a donation system. Players get supporters to scratch off 2 of the 50 dots on the cards. Underneath the dots are amounts ranging from $.50 to $3.00. The player asks for that combined amount ? between $1 and $6 ? as a donation and then gives the supporter a sheet of valuable coupons from national merchants as a thank you gift. We offer a card specific to baseball teams and the cards are customized with your school or team name at no extra charge.

The next great college fundraising idea is offer supporters Domino?s Free Pizza Cards as your fundraiser. Why is this a great fundraiser? Think about it. Don?t you think pizza is one of the staples that college students survive on? Well, if they are going to live on pizza, why not sell them cards to save money on pizza and give you a potential 90% profit fundraiser? Here?s how this program works. You sell supporters pizza cards good for a free medium one topping pizza every time they purchase a large one topping pizza at the regular menu price. The card can be used up to 20 times prior to its expiration date. The good thing about the Dominoe?s Pizza fundraiser is that they are accepted at more than 4,000 locations across the United States. That means more people can buy the cards because they can be used in multiple locations. You sell the cards for $10 each. Depending on how many you purchase, your cost is no more than $3 each, giving you a $7 profit.

Consider these options for your next college fundraiser for the high profits you deserve.