As you start to think about organizing some Christian fundraising ideas for your church's youth group or choir, or just for helping out the church with some extra cash, it can be difficult to know how to start.

So many Christian groups rely on fundraisers these days, and basically that means that you just have to buckle down and do it, for the good of the church. Having the right Christian fundraising ideas can mean the difference between your church doing really well this year, or having struggles. So what is the right way for coming up with decent fundraisers?

All in all, the main thing is that you want to be aware of your supporters and what they're likely to buy, and gear your fundraiser toward the size of your group. If you're looking for fast and easy direct sales, then something like our dollar chocolate bars can be an excellent option. You've probably seen these kinds of Christian fundraiser ideas done many times before, but the reason they're still very popular is because most people are willing to spend a little money for a snack. Everyone likes chocolate, and at just a dollar a bar, these bars are bound to be a hit with your supporters.

If your fundraising team is quite small, then clearly you'll want some ideas with the best potential for high profits. Scratch cards are a natural if you want something like this. They're not difficult to understand, they're easy to transport, and they have the highest profits of just about any fundraiser out there. So if your small group needs to raise a moderate amount of money quickly, we most certainly have Christian fundraising ideas that will do the trick. No matter what your monetary goals or your group size, we can help you find the best ideas out there for your situation.

Check out our Christian fundraising ideas pages, and call your fundraising consultant if you are unsure about anything or need some help figuring out exactly which activities or products will work best for you.