So it's your turn to be in charge of the school fundraiser this year, is it? That's not a problem, we've got you covered. You're probably feeling a bit confused about all the choices available to you, and all you really want is a way to come up with an easy school fundraiser that your group can do well with. Luckily this is not as hard as you think, and once you learn how to go about the process, coming up with easy school fundraisers will be a snap.

When you first sit down to have your school fundraiser brainstorming session, the top thing on the agenda should be the kids. After all, they are the most important and essential aspect of the entire operation, as they basically form the bulk of your sales team. Knowing them and what sort of things kids their age are into can really help you decide on some easy school fundraisers. As you look through our pages of easy school fundraisers, ask yourself if each one would be appropriate for your group, if the kids are the right age for this sort of fundraiser, and so forth.

The customer base also makes a big difference in coming up with easy school fundraisers. Do you expect that the students will be selling to other students? Do you have permission to run your school fundraiser on school grounds, and want to take advantage of that? Things like chocolate bars go over extremely well when the students are the customers, and that's something you'll want to keep in mind.

Small groups need a fundraiser that helps them out in any way possible, and that means you're looking for easy school fundraisers that have high profits, low minimums, and/or free delivery. Scratch cards have the highest profits of any fundraiser out there, but you need to commit to a minimum amount to reap the full benefits. Other easy school fundraisers like cookie dough may not have quite as high a profit margin, but the minimum orders are low, and on some products shipping is free.