If it's your turn this year to come up with the fundraising ideas for prom, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by everything that is involved with fundraising. But fundraising is not as complicated as it may seem, and if you learn the best ways to come up with fundraising ideas for prom, it can really be a fun and straightforward job.

Firstly, you need to consider your sales team. In other words, the students are a key factor in what sort of fundraising ideas for prom you come up with. Many groups of kids like to sell candy bars; some may prefer to do something like scratch cards or catalogue fundraisers. Obviously it's impossible for everyone to agree on one fundraising idea for prom, but if you know the students pretty well you can get a feel for what sorts of fundraising ideas would go over well with them.

Secondly, you need to consider your customer base when coming up with fundraising ideas for prom. Will the students mostly be selling to their fellow students, or will they be turning to their families and the community instead? This can make a huge difference as to which fundraising ideas for prom will make the most sense for your group. Candy works well for teenagers, but perhaps not so much for adults, who may prefer other fundraising ideas for prom like a coffee fundraiser or the green fundraiser.

The size of your group can also have an effect on which fundraising ideas for prom will work the best. Smaller groups can do well with a high-profit item like scratch cards, whereas larger groups can benefit from fundraising ideas with higher minimum orders. If you want some fantastic fundraising ideas for prom, check out pages of prom fundraisers - there's bound to be a fundraising idea there that will be perfect for your prom!