If your church or youth group is having trouble coming up with good fundraising ideas, we're here to help. Not only do we have ample experience helping churches and Christian groups achieve their fundraising goals, we also have the fundraising ideas to help your church have the most successful fundraiser ever.

Food is always one of the best fundraising ideas for a church, and when pizza is involved, who can say no to that? Our pizza card fundraising idea is very popular with a church groups because not only does it result in high profits that help you reach your monetary goals, it also involves local merchants getting on board with and showing their support for the church. And the people who buy the cards, your supporters, get a fantastic two-for-one pizza deal, so everybody wins. This is one of the most simple fundraising ideas for a church.

If you want to take advantage of the trend toward more environmentally friendly living, there are many green fundraising ideas for a church that can help you out. Our Go Green fundraising catalogue, for example, is one of the best fundraising ideas for a church, because it helps the environment while showing your supporters that the church is very forward-thinking.

If you want fundraising ideas for a church that work well every time, there's always our popular card-based fundraising ideas. Christian scratch cards work really well for churches and church groups, because they're easy for the fundraising team members to carry around, and can be distributed anywhere, even after services. The concept for this highly profitable fundraising idea is easy - your supporters scratch off 2 of 50 concealed dots, and whatever amount they uncover, that is the suggested amount of their donation. These cards are one of the most profitable fundraising ideas for a church, with up to 90% profits going directly to your church group.