If you have a Relay For Life team that is having trouble coming up with good fundraising ideas, you've come to the right place. Not only do we have ample experience helping Relay For Life teams achieve their fundraising goals, we also have the perfect products to get you started down the fundraising road to success.

Food is always a good for a fundraising idea, and when pizza is involved, who can say no to that? Our pizza card fundraising idea is very popular with Relay For Life teams because not only does it result in high profits for cancer research, it also involves local merchants getting on board with cause. And the people who buy the cards? They get a fantastic two-for-one pizza deal, so everybody wins. This is a highly successful fundraising idea for Relay For Life teams.

If you're more interested in satisfying people with a sweet tooth, you'll definitely want to take a look at our dry cookie dough mix fundraising idea. Dry cookie dough mix is fresh and easy to make into delicious cookies, so it's very popular with kids and adults alike. Also, we pay the shipping on the mix, and there is only a 1-case minimum on orders, so if you have a small team who are looking for a good fundraising idea for Relay For Life, you can hardly go wrong with cookie dough mix.

On the other hand, if you'd like to avoid food altogether, there's always our ever-popular scratch cards fundraising idea. Scratch cards work really well with something like Relay For Life, because they're easy for team members to carry around, even on the day of the event itself. The concept for this highly profitable fundraising idea is simple: people scratch off 2 of 50 concealed dots, and whatever amount they uncover, that is the amount of their donation. These cards are one of the most profitable fundraising ideas for Relay For Life, with up to 90% profits for the team.