As the time approaches that you want to start thinking up some great church fund raiser ideas for your choir, youth group, or to raise money for new facilities, if you're less experienced than most you may not know where to begin. Since the church relies on your fund raising efforts to help fulfill its goals and ambitions for serving the community, at some point you will need to come up with some great church fundraiser ideas.

If you want the best church fundraising ideas for your church, this can be easily accomplished with a little research. Mostly, you should think about looking at fund raiser ideas that work well with the people you will be selling to, and that also fit the size of your group and the amount of money you want to raise. We have a lot of classic fund raisers like our catalogue-based church fund raiser ideas, which are still some of the best church fundraising ideas out there.

If you have a small church group or you need to maximize your profits as much as possible and are looking for great church fund raiser ideas, you may want to try something like fundraising scratch cards. This is one of the most popular and highest-profit church fund raiser ideas around. The idea is that you have have each of your supporters scratch off 2 of 50 covered dots on the card, and the amount they uncover is the amount of their suggested donation. In return, they receive a sheet of coupons as a thank-you. There are several card-based fund raiser ideas out there, so if scratch cards don't sound appealing, you can check out our fundraising discount cards or pizza cards as well, as these are also fantastic church fund raiser ideas that can help you reach your goals in record time.