As you search for ideas for youth sport fundraising, of course you are aware that profit is not your only concern. Kids absorb ideas and values from everything they do, and so you want your youth sport fundraising activity to be in line with the values you would most want them to have. There are are all kinds of youth sport fundraising ideas out there, so not only can you find some that will help your team reach it's profit goals, but you can also help send a positive message to the children through their youth sport fundraisers.

One thing that parents are often concerned with is that so many fundraising products are sugary or fatty. Sweets are okay in moderation, of course, but it's likely that the parents of the players would prefer it if you chose a youth sport fundraising activity that's more in line with what sports are all about - physical fitness and health. Choosing something like Welch's Fruit Snacks for a youth sport fundraiser can be a good balance - not only are they acceptable to most parents, the kids will find them delicious and fun to sell as a youth sport fundraiser, as well.

Of course, there's no law that says you have to go with snacks at all - there are a lot of ideas that have nothing to do with food. You have to keep in mind that the kids might not even be selling to other kids. If they are going out into the local community, then it makes sense for you to choose a youth sport fundraising activity that will appeal to adults. Our green fundraiser, for example, is a great choice for a youth sport fundraiser because it appeals to people of all ages, and the products in the catalogue are all environmentally friendly, showing that your team knows how to support the green lifestyle.