Are you Crazy About Cookies? Well we have a Crazy About Cookies Fundraiser you will absolutely love.

Actually we have two.

Crazy About Cookies Home Delivery

One of our two Crazy About Cookies cookie dough fundraisers offers home delivery directly to your customer.

With the home delivery option you still offer all of the best flavors of cookie dough. But instead of delivering the actual tubs of cookie dough at the end of the sale you will instead give your customer one E Coupon redeemable for a tub of cookie dough for each tub they ordered from you.

That eliminates the headaches of receiving and distributing a frozen product. It also allows your customer to choose any flavor of cookie dough they choose since each E Coupon can be redeemed for any tub of cookie dough.

Best of all Home Delivery Cookie dough means the cookie dough is delivered right to your customers door.

Traditional Crazy About Cookies Fundraising

We also offer a traditional Crazy about Cookies fundraising program. We offer a fantastic $10 Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser.

We give each member of your group a brochure and order form and they pre sell cookie dough. At the end of your sale you tally together all of the orders and then place a bulk order for Crazy About Cookies dough. Instead of shipping to your customers house we delivery a bulk order to one location.

Because we are shipping to one location you can sell the tubs for less money and that oftentimes means much higher sales.