Have you heard about Crazy for Cookies?

If you haven't then we would like to introduce you to them. They are one of cookie dough fundraiser partners. Crazy for Cookies were instrumental in allowing us to offer cookie dough directly to your customer's house.

So how does that work?

Your cookie dough sale is the same it's always been. We will provide each member of your group a free brochure, order form and cash collection envelope. They show the brochure to friends and family and ask them to buy tubs of cookie dough. The brochure offers all of the very best selling flavors.

Here's where it starts to get easier.

At the end of your sale you tally together the total number of tubs you sold. It does not matter what the flavor is. You just get a total of all flavors. You don't need to worry about full cases quantities and rounding numbers up or down.

After you come up with your total Crazy for Cookies tubs sold you place one bulk order. Instead of sending you a shipment of frozen cookie dough we will send you an E Coupon that you will give to your customer. Your customer can redeem their E Coupon for any tub of cookie dough they like. Shipping is already included in the price of the E Coupon.

If you would like more information about Crazy for Cookies program please click here.