Going away to summer camp can create fun memories that will last a lifetime for your child. Here are some ideas for care packages and other things you can do to make it even more memorable.

Wait A Minute, Mister Postman

In a day and age when instant messaging abounds and cell phones are everywhere nothing stands out like a written letter. Here are some ways you can use them to make memories for your child.

First, find out how long it takes a letter to arrive at the camp they'll be attending so you can plan ahead and then consider writing a few short notes of encouragement that are timed to arrived throughout their stay at camp. As an alternative you can pack them in your child's gear or send them with a leader along dates and instructions written on the envelopes for when they should be delivered or opened.

In the notes you write be sure not to dwell on how much you miss them but instead write about how much fun they must be having. Talk about your anticipation of hearing their stories when they return.

Also, let hem know what you are up to and how their siblings or pets are doing while they're away. You can even include pictures. If your child was reluctant to go or was home sick the last time they went, you might even include an inspirational quote or verse about overcoming fear and praise them for their courage.

You can even have friends or other family members write to them. Since writing letters is becoming less and less common your kids will really enjoy the special treat of receiving mail.

Care Packages That Will Make An Impression

Another way to ease the suffering of a young camper itchy with mosquito bites and worn out from tug-o-war and water balloon fights is to send them a little pick me up in the form of a creatively assembled care package.

But be careful! Kids know that when Mom sends it their likely to pull out something embarrassing, So while bug spray and an extra pair of clean socks may be useful to really make an impression consider adding some extras.