If you have been tasked with organizing a school fundraiser, you may be wondering about the best idea that will make your school fundraiser a real success - an idea that will be remembered fondly by all of the current students at your school, and be talked about by faculty members and students for years down the line.

As the organizer of this school fundraising event, you may be worried that this kind of achievement is out of your range of skills. If this is the case, then stop for a moment and think about your plan carefully. With a few creative school fundraising ideas, you can organize an event that everybody at your school will love.

When you?re organizing your creative school fundraising event at an elementary or middle school, you might like to try holding something like an arts and crafts fair to raise money for your school. Children of this age group will be eager to try out this idea, and the parents will be glad to see their children having so much fun in the name of a good cause.

You could have the children make tie-dye t-shirts or paint pictures to put up for auction. Speak to the school?s art teacher about what they think the children would most like to do as a creative school fundraising idea, and run with it. If your students are a little older and attend a high school, there are plenty of other creative school fundraising ideas for you to try out. Why not hold a costume-based candy selling fundraiser.

You will be making plenty of money from the candy sales (for example, by trying out our Chocolatiers Candy Bar Fundraising package), and the students can compete to create the best costume to wear during the event.