Putting your young boy in cub scouts is one of the most beneficial things that you can do for you son. Cub scouts teaches boys about skills that they need to know that they might not learn in school. They teach skill such as first aid, CPR, and how to survive in the wilderness. Some skills are more useful than others, but they all have an impact in creating good character in a young boy. One skill that is taught is baking. Baking may seem like a feminine skill, but through cub scouts boys learn how much fun it is and it is a great fundraising idea. The Cub Scout cake bake is a favorite for many boys, and for good reason.

Annual Cub Scout Cake Bake

The Cub Scout cake bake is done once a year, or for some troops more than once. It is a kind of fundraiser that the kids have to collect money for the year?s trips and activities. When cub scouts first hear about having a cake bake they want nothing to do with it. They moan and groan, complaining that baking is for girls. Then after their complaining has seized, the troop leader performs an activity with them. Together the entire troop makes brownies, cakes, and muffins. They learn how to measure, mix, read instructions, and finally enjoy their end product.

After this tasty activity is done and they realize how much fun it was they get excited about the Cub Scout Fundraising cake bake. The cub scouts are allowed to bake any kind of sweet treat, it doesn?t have to be a cake. They are also allowed to decorate the way they want to. This is what the boys really enjoy. After baking their brownies, cookies or whatever surprise they have created, they begin to decorate. Sprinkles, gumdrops, peppermints, gummy bears, anything that they want to put on top they do. This may not seem appealing to many other people, but to the young cub scouts it couldn?t be tastier. Then, the cub scouts gather together at a local grocery store, church, or any other place, and raise as much money as they can.

Believe it or not, these cake bakes are a great fundraiser for cub scouts. People are interested in young boys baking and even more interested in the creations that they have made. After they collect all of their money and eat the leftovers, they realize that a Cub Scout cake bake is not such a bad idea. Now the moans and groans have turned into laughs and memories that will stay with them forever.

Cub Scout cake bakes are a real treat for everyone involved. They teach the young boys about the joy of baking, and they show the parents that cub scouts are well-rounded kids.