Pre schools, childcare centers, daycare centers, kindergartens and early childhood programs all require great daycare fundraising ideas that are profitable, easy to understand and age appropriate.

The fact of the matter is that most daycare fundraisers are handed off to the parents and not the students or children. If a daycare fundraiser depended on the children to sell the results would obviously be less than hoped for.

A daycare fund raising idea many groups gravitate to is selling gifts and giftware with seasonal brochure sellers. Brochure sales are easy to manage, offer outstanding profit potential and usually come with some type of incentive for the children to help them take some ownership in the daycare fundraiser.

One of the best things about brochure programs is the fact that there are no up front costs and are there fore risk free. The daycare fundraising company sends you free brochures showing pages and pages of gift items along with pre printed order forms and everything else you need to sell with. Your children and their families show the brochures to friends and family and get them to place orders and pay at the same time. At the end of the sale you collect the order forms and payments and place one bulk order.

Daycares can use the profit for arts & crafts, books, programs, computers or anything else the typical budget does not pay for. The needs for daycare facilities are endless and daycare fundraisers provide the means to get those extras.

If you do this type of daycare fund raiser, make sure to include an information sheet or kick off letter when you hand out the brochures. The letter should address the start and end dates of the sale, explain the prize program if one is included, stress the order turn in dates and give people an idea of when the orders will be delivered.

You should also tell participants why you are hold a daycare fund raising program in the first place. Tell them you will be using the money for field trips, playground equipment, teaching aids or whatever you plan to purchase. The more specific your description of the purpose of the daycare fundraiser the better your results will be. You want to give supporters a reason to help.

There are many other daycare fund raising ideas available. But it seems like seasonal gift brochures are a sure fire way to raise the money the day care needs.