When it comes to fundraisers, timing is everything. Even with the best group, the greatest daycare fundraiser, and the most enthusiastic customers, your daycare fund raising idea will be useless if you have bad timing. Fundraising programs work with different seasons; finding the right time and season to do a specific fundraiser will help your group raise the most money possible.

Cookie dough is one of the most popular daycare fundraising programs. The products are well priced and high quality. If your daycare is hoping to raise money by selling cookie dough, it is important to make sure your dates are lined up with how it is delivered. Cookie dough is delivered roughly 2 ? weeks after it is paid for; if your group is selling it as Christmas gifts then pay special attention to the possible delivery dates. Check with your fundraiser consultant to find the right date. Calendars work the same way ? always check the delivery time.

Flower bulbs and Go Green fundraising are the ?most seasonal? of all the programs offered for raising money. Each contains items that are sensitive to nature, and ACTUAL seasons. Because of this, there is often a strict deadline of when the orders can be turned in and paid for in order to get the items to your group. For the most updated information, contact your fundraising consultant about 2 months before you are hoping to pass the items out to your customers.

Summer may seem like a strange time to raise money, but there are plenty of card fundraisers that are perfect for selling while your daycare families are enjoying some vacation time. Scratch cards, pizza cards, sandwich cards, and money savings cards are a great daycare fund raising idea to do during summer months. With everyone in and out of town there is no worry about getting items passed out on time, or finding refrigeration for anything. You can sell the cards directly and have no need for any follow up with customers.

To find the best timing for your fundraiser, contact your fundraising consultant.