There are no DECA fundraising ideas that are specific to that club as far as we can tell. But we can tell you that DECA clubs do extremely well with just about any fundraiser idea.

There's a reason for that.

DECA is a student organization that helps develop leadership skills and works on other personal development skills. Those are obviously great skills for people to have in goal oriented tasks like cookie dough fundraisers or pizza card fundraisers.

DECA has a proven history of attracting some of the best students. You will find DECA clubs in all 50 states in the United States. Students who join DECA do so because they want to be part of a group of students that want more than just getting by in school.

They join because they want to be successful not only in high school but also as they look ahead to their college and work careers. So, although there may not be any specific DECA fundraising ideas, DECA clubs has historically outperformed many other high school fundraising organizations at just about every type of fundraiser idea available to them.