Your local DECA chapter is just one of thousands of chapters around the world, and the organization provides a wealth of opportunities, activities, and fun events for these ambitious students to participate in.

However, all these things cost money, of course, and DECA fundraising is a great way to make sure those costs are met. You have the additional advantage, of course, that the students you are working with have already stated their interest in marketing, entrepreneurship, and business management. This gives you a great headstart when planning your fundraiser, and makes the whole experience more fun and more relevant for everyone involved.

When you start off with your DECA fundraising plans, you need to take into account the amount of money you will need for various activities, events, and travel costs, as well as the number of people you can count on for your fundraising team. This will give you a clear idea of what sort of goals you need to set per person. Making your DECA members aware of these personal goals can be a great help, as these are people who thrive on competition, and who will want to do their personal best to see that all the targets are met and even exceeded.

Once you know what sort of goals you are looking at, it's time to choose a DECA fundraising product or activity that will help you meet those goals.

Many smaller chapters like to go with something high profit like scratch card fundraisers. With scratch cards, the upfront cost is all you pay, all the profit after that is yours, and the profits can soar as high as 90%. Your supporters receive valuable coupons as a thank-you for their generosity, and there are no further product deliveries to worry about. It really couldn't be a simpler DECA fundraising plan, and it can help you to reach your goals in record time.