Everyone who gets put in charge of organizing a sport fundraiser goes through a phase where they want to be original, innovative, and doing something that no one else has thought of before. That's fine, there's nothing wrong with breaking new ground, but remember that your chief goal is to raise money for the team, and often the best way to do that is to take a formula that has worked well in the past and to stick with it.

Staying with a traditional sport fundraiser can be the key to success a lot of times. There is nothing wrong with doing the same fundraiser year in and year out. Take a look at the Girl Scouts, for example - they do the same fundraiser every year, and look where it got them! People do look forward to something they can rely on, and if you do the same fundraiser every year, you build a tradition that people can really enjoy.

Chocolate fundraisers are the quintessential classic fundraiser, and a lot of sport fundraisers are based on some variation of this. We have chocolate fundraisers to suit whatever your tastes are. Remember those old $1 chocolate bar fundraisers from back when you were on the school sports team? Well guess what? Not only is that classic sport fundraiser still around, but believe it or not, the chocolate bars are still only $1! This is a very popular sport fundraiser, and it's something you could do year after year without any problems.

If you have bad memories of those fundraisers, you could put a more modern twist on it by choosing something like Hershey's bars instead. There is a wide range of both new and traditional sport fundraisers to choose from - have a look at all the different kinds of fundraisers available for your team.