If you have been involved with sports and sport players before now, you're already aware how motivated and energetic these people can be, and how badly they want to reach their goals. Sadly, schools these days do not always have the funding available to give athletes everything they need to succeed at the highest standard. Equipment, uniforms, and travel expenses are all things that are suffering at the hands of a sluggish economy. This is where you come in, and armed with some really good sport fundraising ideas, there's no goal you can't reach. Having the players on your side is a plus, because you can use their natural energy and motivation to your advantage. With your sport fundraising ideas and their help, not only will you be able to reach your financial goals, but you'll foster the spirit of teamwork, as well.

Sport fundraising ideas divide into two major groups. The first is direct sales. This is a more straightforward way to do things for a lot of sports teams, but direct sales products are sports fundraising ideas that do require an initial investment. However, this can also be turned into a benefit, because after you pay for your products, all you have to worry about is selling them - there's no orders to place or distribute later. And of course, when the money starts coming in, you get to keep it all, which can be a big psychological boost for a lot of teams.

If you have a large team with a lot of selling power, or you just don't feel comfortable putting out the money for direct sales sport fundraising ideas, you can always go with a pre-sell sport fundraising activity. These are generally brochure-based sport fundraising ideas, and the best part is that there is no upfront payment required from you whatsoever. All you have to do is order your brochures and order forms, we ship them to you free of charge, and then you collect the money for your orders as you go along. This can work really well for larger groups, so check out our sport fundraising ideas pages to get some ideas that will work for you.