So you are searching through the web trying to find Boy Scout fundraisers that will work out for your group. Well no need to search any further. If you can?t find what you need here, then fundraising is not for you!

Different Boy Scout Fundraising Ideas

There are a number of Boy Scout fundraisers offered by Easy Fundraising Ideas. The first step is to determine if you would like to do a presale fundraiser or a direct sale fundraiser. What is the difference? If start up money is an issue you might consider doing a presale fundraiser. The way a presale fundraiser works is as follows:

? First you need to determine which one will work out best for your Boy Scout troop. There are a number of different ideas to choose from. Some of which include cookie dough, candles and coffee.

? You will receive all of the order forms for each participant along with collection envelopes. Hand them out to the Scouts.

? The Scouts will then go out and sell the product, collecting the money up front and then turn everything in to you on a predetermined date.

? Lastly, you call in your order with each item tallied by flavor or scent. Once payment has been received you will receive your product within one to two weeks to distribute. You will only pay what you owe; everything else is yours to keep as profit.

A direct sale fundraiser works a little differently, but yet, in the same way. It is described as follows:

? The product, whether it is custom discount cards, scratch cards, candy or pizza cards, is purchased up front.

? Once payment is received the product is delivered to the Boy Scout group.

? The items are divided and handed out to the participating Scouts who in turn go out and sell the product.

? Since the product is paid for up front, everything made from the fundraiser is the Boy Scout troops to keep as profit.

The benefit of a direct sale over a presale is that there is no product to deliver at a later date. You just sell the product and collect the profit.

With a little bit of effort there is not doubt the Boy Scout fundraiser chosen will be one that is a success for the troop.