If you have recently been place in the position of organizing fundraisers for schools, it is very likely that you are wondering what kinds of fundraisers are available for schools, and which of those would be most appropriate for your school in particular. You'll also need to know what sorts of fundraisers for schools will work best with the team that you have assembled. There are quite a lot of acceptable ways to organize fundraisers for schools, so all you have to do is get yourself educated on which fundraisers work best in which situations, and make your decisions based on that.

When you are in charge of putting together fundraisers for schools, there are a few things that should be on your list of considerations. First is your monetary goal. Obviously you need to think about exactly how much money you need, and how quickly you need it. If you are looking to raise a smaller amount of money for some sort of minor expenses, we have things like lollipop fundraisers that can help with that. If you need more significant amounts, clearly you'll want to choose something a bit more substantial like a catalogue fundraiser.

You also need to look at the relationship between your sales team and your customer base when organizing fundraisers for schools. If you have a small team of people working with you, then you may need to concentrate on fundraisers for schools that will maximize profit, like pizza cards or scratch cards. These sorts of fundraisers for schools have other benefits as well, as cards are easy to carry around and distribute, and since they're direct sale fundraisers, after your initial investment, all the money you make goes directly to the school. You'll also want to tailor your efforts to match your supporters - we have fundraisers for schools that range from green fundraisers to discount cards to tea and coffee, so no matter who you plan to sell to, we can help you find the perfect fundraiser for your school.