Coming up with fundraising ideas for your sports team will be more fun than you think, just because fundraising for a sports team is one of the easiest kinds of fundraising to do. Sports players are naturally motivated and enthusiastic people, and their friendliness comes through when they are out there giving their sales pitches. If you can come up with some killer sports team fundraising ideas, you can make a huge difference helping your team reach its monetary goals, but how do you know where to find those perfect sports team fundraising ideas? We're here to help - the best place to start is by distinguishing between the two major types of sports team fundraising ideas out there.

First are the direct sales fundraisers. These work pretty much how you expect - you purchase as much product as you want (perhaps chocolate bars or scratch cards or pizza cards), and once you have made that initial investment, you keep all the money than comes in. A lot of sports teams like these kinds of fundraising ideas because there are no orders to keep track of and no delivery hassle. You just sell the items, collect the money, and you're done! These are great sports team fundraising ideas if you're okay with that initial up-front investment.

If you were hoping not to have to put down any cash out of pocket, then pre-sell fundraisers are the way to go. If you choose something with no shipping charges and low minimums, you can make a particularly good profit going with pre-sell sports team fundraising ideas. If you have a large group of supporters and players on your sales team, then the sky is really the limit, and you can do any kind of sports team fundraising idea that you want, knowing that your team has a lot of selling power and you won't have to worry too much about making those minimum order requirements.