If you have suddenly found yourself in the business of planning fundraisers for teams, you may be wondering about all the different types of fundraisers available to you. Also, how do you know which fundraisers will work well for your team? There are many different "right" ways to organize a fundraiser, so as long as you make yourself familiar with all the kinds of fundraisers for teams and which ones do what, you'll be well on your way to having a successful fundraiser for your team.

There are three main concerns when organizing fundraisers for teams. One is the size of your team. Smaller teams may want to go with the type of fundraiser that can quickly turn a high profit, such as scratch cards. Scratch cards have the added benefit of being a direct sale fundraiser, so after you make your initial purchase, all the money from the fundraiser goes straight to your team. Larger teams might choose instead to go for a fundraiser where there are slightly higher minimum order requirements, like some of the catalogue-based fundraisers, for instance.

The second thing to take into account is how much money your team wants to make. For some teams, fundraisers like lollipops can be a simple and efficient way to make a moderate amount of money in a short time. Lollipops are inexpensive, easy to sell, and best of all it is simple to keep track of how much money these kinds of fundraisers will make. On the other hand, if your team needs to make a higher level of profit, chocolate bars or M&Ms can really send profits soaring. Even if you need to make thousands of dollars, something like candy bars can be a decent fundraiser for your team.

The third thing to consider is your customers. Where do you plan on running your fundraiser? Will your team be out in the community, going door to door, selling at a school, or somewhere else? Knowing who your target market is likely to be can really help you narrow down the types of fundraisers that can work well for your team.