Sports players are some of the best salespeople out there. They are motivated and energetic, and they have a great attitude about what they love to do. Unfortunately these days, funding for sports teams is not as great as it could be. This is where sports teams fundraising comes in, bridging the gap between what budgets cover and what the teams actually need to have. There are many different types of sports teams fundraising ideas out there, so it can be difficult at first as an organizer to know where to start. If you can get to grips with the basic sports teams fundraising ideas, you'll start to form some ideas about which sports teams fundraising activities will work well for you.

Pre-sell brochure fundraisers can be good for a variety of sports teams fundraising efforts, but you want to be sure that you have the right kind of goal and group for the one you choose. Brochures can give you a wide range of products for your sports teams fundraising, but you want to be careful about things like shipping charges and minimum order requirements. Our green catalogue fundraiser is one of the most popular sports teams fundraising ideas these days, giving your supporters a selection of products that are good for the environment.

Direct sales sports teams fundraising ideas are a simpler way to get money in for your team, and many sports teams like the simplicity of them. With direct sales sports teams fundraising, you can sell anything from pizza cards to candy bars, and once you have made your initial investment of buying the products, all the profits go directly to you, which makes direct sales sports teams fundraising ideas very popular with many teams, especially smaller groups that are worried about profits.

If you need help deciding on a sports teams fundraising idea to order, contact your fundraising consultant toll-free at 866.874.8383.