Everyone enjoys eating a wonderful dinner. That's why holding a spaghetti dinner fundraiser might be perfect for your group. Below you will find some basic suggestions to answer the basic question: "How do you plan a fund raiser spaghetti dinner".

Your fund raising dinner events do not need to be limited to spaghetti though. Spaghetti is just inexpensive to purchase, easy to cook and enjoyed by so many people that spaghetti dinner fundraiser ideas are requested all the time.

Here are some things to consider when contemplating how to run a successful fund raising dinner:

? You will need to make arrangements for an adequate room to hold your event. School fundraiser dinners and church fundraiser dinners usually have the benefit of adequate room availability. Others need to find an appropriate place to hold the dinner.

? Determine the correct prices for tickets to your event. That is one of the first decisions when deciding how to host a fundraising dinner. Typically people will pay $5 per person to attend a spaghetti dinner. More can be charged depending on the menu. Before finalizing the price of a ticket you need to conservatively estimate attendance. Then add up all the expenses you believe you will incur. Divide your expenses by the projected number of attendees to determine your cost per attendee.

? Decide what age group you are targeting. For example, if you are offer a dinner and murder mystery fundraiser, you probably do not want children attending. Remember, though, if you limit the age you may restrict families from attending which could seriously impact the total amount you will raise.

? Make sure you let people know if there is any type of dress code that they will have to follow. It is much easier to tell people in advance than to police it at the door to your dinner fundraiser.

? Obviously, early in the planning process, you should decide if you are going to have the food cooked by volunteers or catered in by local merchants. Once that is decided the rest of the details as far as food goes will fall into place.

? The decision on whether or not to have entertainment is huge. If you can combine school fundraiser dinners with a PTA or PTO meeting your attendance will naturally increase. The same is true if you allow the chorus or band to entertain.

Church fundraiser dinners can have the choir sing or music ministry perform. The bottom line with dinner fundraisers is to make money. But make sure you make it fun and you will be sure to have a great event.