Are people still buying your seat stomp-out-the-enemy cushions, your school-spirit pom-poms, or your stick-it-to-the-opponents plastic megaphones? No? Well color me surprised??

The economy is in bad shape right now, and people are not willing to hand over their money unless they know exactly what they are getting in return, even for a booster club fundraiser. And as much as they want to support the team, they simply cannot justify spending their hard-earned money on a piece of plastic that will likely end up in the trash at the end of the season.

So what can you sell for your next booster club fundraiser? There are plenty of direct-sell fundraising options out there. Candy is a huge contender for fan money right now. It may seem contradictory, since a piece of candy lasts even less time than that megaphone, but parents are far more willing to splurge on a piece of chocolate that will keep their child satisfied for the game, than on a piece of plastic that will continue to make noise in the car....long after the game is over. Plus, candy is cheaper. Parents and fans can support the team for less.

Lollipops are also a great direct-sell item for booster club fundraising. Instead of selling at the games, try selling these candies DURING school. Check the nutritional requirements that your schools have, and ask about selling them during lunch. Since they can be bought for only $0.50, students can easily afford them and can help out the team without even driving to the stadium. If the school does have sugar restrictions, try Jack?s Links Beef Jerky.

There are plenty of other fundraising options out there - $1 coffee packs, Smencils, Warheads, pizza cards, custom discount cards, etc. Find the best program for your group, grab your megaphone, and let everyone know that you are selling!