The one thing many people fail to do in their fundraising effort is inform their supporters about their efforts. We have learned that the more people know about you and what you do the more willing they will be to support your organization.

Assuming, then, that you have done a good job at developing a support base the next most important thing in raising money is to let people know what you are raising money for, how much money you need to raise and how close you are to attaining your goal.

That's where a fundraising thermometer can help. If your organization has a website you can get a free fundraiser thermometer that provides a lot of information for your supporters.

Not only can you let them know your financial goals you can also let them know how much money you have raised at any time period. Best of all, though, the fundraising thermometer shares that information in an easy to read graphical format. In other words at a glance people can see what your goal is and how close to reaching your goal you are.

The critical thing when posting a fundraising thermometer on your website is to make sure you update the information regularly. If people visit your site on a regular basis and find the same data they might assume that you are not top of your fundraising efforts which is a turn off.

The bottom line is that every single group or organization that has its own website and plans on holding a fundraising should use tools like a fundraising thermometer to keep their support base well informed at all times.